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The Jerusalem Peace Academy - Center for Education, Personal Development and Peace 

I. Introduction: Planetary Awareness in the Scope of Jerusalem

There is an undoubted awareness in the world today that despite of the tremendous progress humanity has made in the fields of science and technology, this planet is presently passing through a crises unprecedented in history. It has become obvious that science and technology alone cannot save us from destructiveness and moral decline unless we turn to the very roots of our human existence and to a much higher consciousness of cosmic moral values and principles, which are the basis of our collective existence and human civilization. Countless national and international associations, like the Club of Rome, the Club of Budapest or the World Wisdom Council have not only analyzed the roots and manifestations of these crisis’, but have also presented proposals and solutions drawn from a higher source of wisdom, about how to manage and overcome them by ways of taking a decisive turn in our human consciousness. They all have urged mankind to reflect the more true meaning and purpose of life and to rise from the ordinary outdated view of life to a much higher aspiration and vision for it.   

What is factual truth for global humanity is even more relevant for the nation of Israel. We do not only participate in all kinds of global crises and transformations, but also have to face specific additional political, social and cultural obstacles, which are due to our Jewish history as well as to our rather hostile political environment, and to some extent also self-created. At the same time we are blessed with an unchallenged treasure of heritage and genius, which – if applied in the right manner – could not only help us to take a turn to a much better future, but even to become “a light unto the nations”.    

Specifically Jerusalem bearing the root of world conflict as well as the key to its salvation, has increasingly become the focus of world interest and international diplomacy, as well as a place for inter-religious conferences and encounters. Time is ripe to take action towards initiating a process of deliberate transformation thus opening a new area of peace and well-being for entire mankind.

To practically being able to realize these goals, we have to unite all constructive powers of all different backgrounds in this country and – by overcoming our animosities – to build and enhance different co-operative efforts and endeavors to consolidate, integrate and uplift our deeply fragmented and disoriented nation. We have to admit, that such consolidation and transformation of our society is not possible by mere means of technology, economy or politics, but has to go far beyond, thus widely and comprehensively including new ways of thinking, which finally has to be implemented within new approaches and methods for education, personal development, social integration and political diplomacy. In coincidence with Ancient Wisdom Traditions modern concepts like Iliya Prigogine’s discovery of the complex field, the Bi-Polarity of the Human Brain, the transformational principle in Transpersonal Psychology etc. can be easily used and implemented for a profound transformation of our present status towards creating a new Planetary Civilization.  

In this way, The Jerusalem Peace Academy, dedicated to provide a much more human reality in this country, has not only based its work and concerned efforts on the above mentioned international scientific achievements and transformational proposals, but specifically on the unique heritage of ours as well as on our outstanding human resources and Jewish genius/potential still to be found in this county.

On this basic concern we have succeeded to commit some of the most noble and internationally recognized professionals for seven different effectively operating projects, which is a not yet fully realizing its potential. While presently being scattered all over the country, all the projects are to be sheltered under the single roof of the Jerusalem Academy. Only then, in close and joint co-operation it will be able to unfold its full potential. Thus we are convinced that this sincere work of ours will make a big difference for our country, if not for the future of the entire world.

II The Project and its branches: foundation and survey

JPA is a roof organization sheltering different projects committed with activities to initiate, foster and support spiritual and social integration, personal development, bridging gaps within Israeli society, bringing about reconciliation between Jews and Arabs and to create the necessary spiritual, psychological and economic conditions for peace and well-being throughout Israel and the world. We are concerned with the Jewish nation as a whole – integrating religious and secular Jews as well and beyond that reaching out for a loving integration of our loyal and well-intending Palestinian brethren in this country.

We believe in the One Universal Power, which has created this universe and revealed Itself through the different Abrahamitic and non-Abrahamitic religions which were intended to bless mankind with a spirit of truth and unity, higher knowledge, wisdom and love, and with spiritual and mental growth and upliftment heading towards universal peace and final redemption. If man was able to pervert divine revelation towards an instrument of separation and hatred, I am certain that he is the more capable to return to his source and to use his inborn divine potential in order to bear good fruit and build a kingdom of brotherhood and peace. Rediscovering and applying our psychological, mental and spiritual powers we are able to turn the destiny of permanent descent into a path of    upliftment and growth on all levels - individually, economically, socially and of course in the field of culture and civilization. Returning to the transcendental source of our own sensitive soul, we will be able to draw light divine from the realm of spirit into the darkness of this world in order to transform this land – and this entire planet – into a garden of blessedness and prosperity.

Drawing from decades of professional and volunteer work and experience all over the world, we have established several groups and councils of emphatic people from all different backgrounds in Israel, running and/or developing several profound educational and societal projects in order to meet the needs of the day and to provide a better future for our shaken country. These projects are basically dealing with six different subjects:

1) Development of new (all-embracing) concepts of a much more effective, valuable and integral humanistic education in order to provide a life-worthy future for our youth;

2) Seminars and workshops for personal development and self-integration for seekers of Truth;

3) Integrating the split Jewish society in general and bridging the gap between religious and secular Jews in particular;

4) Foster reconciliation between different peoples, cultures and religious faiths on the basis of profound inter-religious and inter-cultural understanding, deep respect towards the sanctity of human feelings as well as a sense for the all-transcending Unity of Life;

5) Post-Graduate Courses for Young Entrepreneurs;

6) Research in Human Resources, Pedagogy, and Economy;

7) International Diplomacy for Peace.