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Children's Peace Camps:

The All Nations Cafe is a not-for-profit organization which was established in East Jerusalem two year ago by four friends - an Israeli, a Palestinian, a German and a Canadian - with the aim of creating meeting places for people of different nationalities, especially Israelis and Arabs, where they could share at the heart level, recognize their common humanity and co-create a new vision of joint loving abundant life.

At the height of the second Intifada, the All Nations Cafe opened a formerly closed coffee shop in Gethsemane, between the Dome of the Rock and the Mount of Olives, where Israelis, Palestinians and internationals came to listen and play music, to learn and teach dances of different nations. Inside the All Nations Cafe, especially at times when huge army forces were engaged just a few hundred meters from its location, customers were pouring in from the mosques, the churches and the synagogues to express themselves, to engage in a human non-violent dialogue and to dance and sing together.

Most of the projects of the All Nations Cafe were offered to children. Using cultural activities (music, theater, dance), ecological education (organic gardening, recycling and permaculture design) and inter-national inter-religious dialgue (email pen pals, kids camps, kids parliaments) we have succeeded in bringing together Israeli, Palestinian, American-Jewish, Egyptian and European children in an atmosphere which allowed them to befriend each other and achieve beautiful and inspiring co-creations.

The All Nations Cafe team of musicians has been the first ever to perform with Israeli Jewish participants in the all arab festival of music and arts in Jerash in 2004; and at a tour in Europe in 2005, the All Nations Cafe team has met with a Palestinian team from Gaza and individuals from Iraq and Syria and produced a joint concert with them, which was performed in front of a varied audience in Lausanne, Switzerland and was a great success.

In the past two years, the All Nations Cafe team of volunteers has brought a new way of expressing and relating to adults and youngsters in East Jerusalem, West Jerusalem, Alazariya\Bethany (Palestine), Jordan, Egypt, Germany, Switzerland and the UK.

Currently, the All Nations Cafe is producing a bilingual theater play with Arab and Jewish youth in Jerusalem.