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End of 2006:

Aug. 30th to Sept. 6th: Participation and Presentation of Proposals for the Handling of the Palestinian Issues by the Israeli Government at the opening of the UN at UN Headquarters in New York;

Nov. 19 th to 23rd 2006: Participation and Presentation of JPA Project at the “Conference on Education for Peace – Education for Life” in Antalya , Turkey ;

Setting up of two teams of professionals to work out Curricula and Taecher Training Programs for the Israeli and the Palestinian School System respectively;

Dec. 24th 2006: Participation in the "Jerusalen Open City" - Project Follow-up Conference at the Institute for Israel Studies;


Jan. 22nd - 25th 2007: Visit and Exchange with the Brahma Kumaris at Global Cooperation House in London ;

May 2007: Meeting and Exchange with the BKs in London ;

June 16th and 17th 2007: Spiritual Peace Summit in Bangalore together with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Prof. Ervin Laszlo (download AGENDA);


March 27th to 29th 2008: Spiritual Pilgrimage to (Ancient) Egypt & Mount Horeb (download)

April 4 th to 6 th 2008: Peace Education Workshop at the Tantur Center , Jerusalem , organized by IPCRI; Presentation: How can we talk about Mayor Issues between Israelis and Palestinians without getting stuck in Aroused Emotions? (downloadMayor Issues”)

June 16th to 20th 2008: "Inter-religious Peace Summit " in Jerusalem (download Summit);

June 11th to 12th 2008: Interfaith Meeting in Delhi with Jonathan Granoff, International Security Institute (USA), Imam Ahmed Ilyasi, All India Association of Imams and Mosques (India) and Dr. Ahmed Ifthikar Khwaja, Interfaith Harmony Foundation (India);

June 19th to 25th 08: Presentation at the "19th Crans Montana Forum" in Monte Carlo/Monaco: "The Symbol of Jerusalem in the tree Abrahamic Religions" & "The Israeli-Paletinian Conflict"; for more infos and downloads see: Crans Montana Forum: "The Symbol of Jerusalem", "The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict";

August 19th to 25th: Folllowing the Footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi in Assisi ;

September 24th to 27th 08: Presentation at the CMF Conference in Sarajavo on "What Role can Religions Play in Creating Peace and Stability in the Region of South-East Europe"; (download Sarajevo presentation);

Novembar 26th to 30th 08: Presentations at the "Mediterranean Peace Forum" held in Lecce/Italy on "The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Scenarios for a Peaceful Solution" & "Christian-Muslim Dialogue"; (download Schedule), (download Lecce presentation);


January 2nd to 7th 2009: Visit to Ethiopia: Investigations in Axum and meeting with H.H. Abune Paulos, Patriarch of Ethiopia, and Princess Wossen in Addis Abeba; (download Report)

June 24th - 27th: Participatian in the "20th Crans Montana Forum" in Bruxelles: "The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Scenarios for a Peaceful Solution"

December 3rd to 9th: Participatian in the "2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions" in Melbourne, Australia: Make a World of Difference: Hearing each other, Healing the earth; Program Title : The Mystery of Golgatha as the Pathway to Personal Resurrection;

Description : Drawing attention to self-inquiry as the cornerstone of spiritual life; opening to the mystical meaning of the Mystery of Golgatha and the Second Coming of Christ; linking with the source of divine revelation and their accuracy for our days;

Format : Lecture

How Your Program Relates to the 2009 Parliament Theme : Drawing attention to the mystical core of the Christ-impulse and its actual relevance in our days;

How Your Program Relates to the Goals of the Parliament : fostering self-awareness as the foundation of ethical responsibility, spirtual life and humanity;

How Your Program Helps to Achieve The Goals : spiritual influx and inspiration towards self-perfection

Your Predicted Audience : any spiritual seeker

Name : Heinrich Eliyahu Benedikt
Religious Tradition : Jewish-Christian
Religious Subtradition :
Availability : 9

Biographical Statement : Born 1945 in Vienna, Austria; Study of Cosmology and Philosophy, Academic Carreer until 1978; Calling in 1979; Close association with H.H. Swami Chidanandaji Saraswati; Spiritual Teacher and Educator in his own right; beloved for his humble love for all and his deep understanding of the human soul; Founder of an international community with centers in Europe, Israel and India;

For further Information see:


March 11th to 14th 2010: Special Seminar on "The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt and The Holy Grail" at the Rosenburg in Austria;

June 23rd to 26th 2010: Dr. Eliyahu Benedikt, Panelist on "Should Jerusalem be an Open City" at the 21st Annual Meeting ( of the Crans Montana Forum ( in Brussels, for more information see: Forum 2010, to read contribution of Dr. Benedikt download: Lecture; for other contributions see: (;


October 15th to 17th 2010: Invocation and Participation in "The Way of Hope" Forum in Weiz, Austria ( together with P. Henri Boulad SJ, Dr. Arun Gandhi, Audrey Kitagawa, Sister Ishpriya and others: "With God we can change the world"