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Dr. Khwaja Iftikhar Ahmed

is a renowned academician, columnist, educational administrator, intellectuaI, a prominent public figure and more than anything else, a true Muslim Social Scientist who has been applying his wisdom, personal skills, analytical temperament and visionary approach to understand and diagnose the multi-dimensional and multi-faceted problems of the ailing Indian Muslim community for more than two decades. His sustained verbal and written expressions on community and nation related issues in print and electronic media put him in the category of those rationalists who never loose their patience and foresight under the worst of provocations. He is one person who commands the art of harmonizing the community interest with national interest. His proximity to the two former Prime Ministers of India, Mr. Narsimha Rao and Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee and never seeking any personal gains, further uplifts his personal stature, credentials and public qualification. He founded the All India Muslim Majlis-e-Shoora (a national consultative body of Indian Muslims) in 1995 of which he is the President.

He is also a visionary on global peace and Looks fully determined towards the promotion of inter faith harmony among the followers of different religious faiths. He is spreading all around the world the true and moderate message of Islam by means of his organization Inter Faith Harmony Foundation of India of which also he is the Founder President. As a strong believer in Islam and a soul dedicated towards peace, tolerance and harmony in the global society, his plan and personal commitment to build a Harmony Compound, accommodating within it the places of worship of all the major world religions and also Moulana Jalaluddin Roomi International University of World Religions through his foundation deserves and demands not only national and global appreciation but moral and material support from all the peace loving forces in the world too. Dr. K I Ahmed has travelled to various countries like United States of America , United Kingdom , Russian federation , Saudi Arabia , Turkey , Pakistan and many more in order to spread the universal message of peace and brotherhood.

Apart from, I, An Indian Muslim he is also the author of Manshoor-e-Muslim (A Muslim Charter for the Muslims of India), Indian Muslims and their current Political Struggle, General Elections and Indian Muslims, Indian National Congress and Indian Muslims, Why Muslims are opposed to Sangh Parivar? and My political journey-some bitter facts. Besides he has also contributed hundreds of articles on all the burning issues confronting the community and the country in leading Urdu dailies of India .

I, An Indian Muslim talks in totality about the average Indian Muslim, his journey from the past, his stand in the present and recommendations to him for the future. This book is the most authentic document on the overall conditions of Indian Muslims and will not only allow the Muslims to think with a different mindset and outlook but shall also invite the attention of people belonging to all shades of opinion, having different political ideologies, representing various establishments and institutions of governance, researchers, mass media and those really interested in acquiring first hand knowledge or gathering intelligence about Indian Muslims and their psyche.

Dr. K.R. Narayanan, Former President of India