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Message by the Founder:

May 15, 2007

Dear Reader!

Living in Israel or the Palestinian Territories with true love for its people has become a heart-tearing pain. While the establishing of the State of Israel in 1948 was perceived as a mere miracle and an event of great relief, hope and excitement for World Jewry and Christianity, its existence has turned into a matter of deep controversy and is presently even at stake. What has begun as an adventure of freedom, joy and hope for entire humanity after the agony of the Holocaust has become a matter of pain, fear and growing despair. Looking at reality one might think that the Zionist experiment has failed. Two peoples - originally being connected by a God given bond of blood brotherhood - have become caught in stereotypes of hostility, fear, defence and mutual neglect. Yet if we look at reality with impartial care we will find that the enemy is not the "other", but it is ignorance and unreflected exclusive claims and a bunch of irrational emotions. While the building of the new born state could have become an experience of cooperation and coexistence from the very beginning we did not succeed in the challenge but succumbed to the evil forces of one-sided ideologies and emotional stubbornness finally leading into an endless act of hostility.

What have inspired the return of Jews from their ageless exile to the Holy Land were God's promises as handed over from generation to generation. The whole world, no matter if Jewish, Christian or Muslim, was beholding these divine promises and respecting and beholding them as untouchable truth's of benevolence for entire humanity deep in their hearts. We know that the great Salah'ed-Din, after conquering Jerusalem - based on his knowledge and respect for the Scriptures - generously invited World Jewry to return to its promised City offering them even to live there in safety under his personal protection. But since the foundation of the State of Israel, mainstream Islam and also forgetful Western Civilization riding on waves of growing atheism is increasingly denying and neglecting their relevance and therefore the legitimacy of the existence of Israel as a Jewish State and Jerusalem as its sanctuary.

Stating these facts we do not deny the many terrible mistakes that have been committed from the side of Israel. We do not only point to the ignorance and neglect, injust claims and terror from the side of the mainstream Muslim World, but of course also clearly condemn the politics of the present Israeli government, which is as well based on ignorance, neglect and unjustifiable harassment, instead of adhering to cosmic moral law and human rights. But we definitely stick with the untouchable revelations of the Scriptures of all Abrahamic Traditions and our Jewish Heritage, which in fact has to be lived as a force of understanding, compassion and love. A proverb says: "Peace is the reward of righteousness." This is true for the individual as well as for entire nations and cultures. By returning to our roots, which is the living God, to get in tune with His righteousness only, we will be able to change our destiny and to build a future of peace and prosperity for all - Jews and Palestinian alike.

Both – Israeli Jews and Palestinians – are struggling for survival and relief from endless terror and self-defence. Both nations have lost so much blood and livelihood, that such a course of destiny cannot be but changed. But we need to admit that destruction is dwelling in the hearts of all of us. It is us who have to change first – then the rest of the world will follow.

I do not want to give an in-depth analysis of our conflict in this short message. But I want to clearly confess my adhering to an unwavering humanistic and spiritual Zionism, which is not exclusive and arrogant, but embracing whatever is just and human, non-violent and respectful in this world. I herewith embrace my honestly struggling brother and sister with tolerance, justice and compassion and with all the good that God wants for us.

I firmly belief in truthfulness and love. Only based on truth and love we can bring that needed change into the world, which will make this place one of peace and prosperity, thus opening a pathway to final redemption for entire humanity.

With these few words I want to invite all of you who want to make a commitment to universal truth and divine principle, to join our endeavour to conquer darkness with light and overcome hatred with love.

Thank you! God's Peace be with you!

Eliyahu Benedikt