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Frof. Ervin Laszlo

Prof. Ervin Laszlo, founder and President of the Club of Budapest (, is one of the great modern minds in the arena of systems philosophy and general theory of evolution. Thirty years ago his radical ideas presented a bold challenge to the academic community. Today, these same ideas are considered defining essential contributions to late twentieth-century scientific thought.

Ervin Laszlo has published nearly 70 books on the topics translated into as many as nineteen languages, and has over four hundred articles and research papers and six volumes of piano recordings to his credit. He serves as editor of the monthly World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution and of its associated General Evolution Studies book series. In the course of his long academic career as a professor of philosophy, systems philosophy and future sciences, he has worked at a variety of highly regarded universities in the U.S. , Europe and the Far East .

This Voices talk on the “informed universe” places Dr. Laszlo yet again at the forefront of contemporary scientific and, in this case, spiritual, thought. His paradigm-shifting theories intertwine the cutting edge of physics, evolution biology, information theory, and the Vedic teachings of ancient India . In this new conception of the “informed universe”, everything that has ever occurred is retained as holographic information throughout space and this information can be accessed anywhere in the universe simultaneously. Laszlo also applies these ideas to the human experience, with surprising and profound implications for our own evolution and for the evolution of consciousness itself.

Laszlo is generally recognized as the founder of systems philosophy and general evolution theory, serving as founder-director of the General Evolution Research Group and as past president of the International Society for the Systems Sciences. He is the recipient of the highest degree in philosophy and human sciences ("Lettres et Sciences Humaines") from the Sorbonne in Paris, the coveted “Artist Diploma” from the Franz Liszt Academy of Budapest, an honorary medal from the Kyung Hee University in Seoul, the title of honorary doctor in economic sciences of the Turku School of Economics and Business in Finland, as well as the title of honorary doctor in the area of human sciences of the Saybrook Institute in San Francisco

His appointments have included research grants at Yale and Princeton Universities , professorships for philosophy, systems sciences, and future sciences at the Universities of Houston, Portland State , and Indiana , Northwestern University and the State University of New York. His career has also included guest professorships at various universities in Europe and the Far East . In addition, Laszlo worked as program director for the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). In 1999 he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Canadian “International Institute of Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics”.

Laszlo serves as President of the Club of Budapest and Head of the General Evolution Research Group, which he founded. He is Advisor to the UNESCO Director General, Ambassador of the International Delphic Council, member of the International Academy of Science, World Academy of Arts and Science, the International Academy of Philosophy, also held and holds positions as a board member of numerous international associations, including, at one time, the Club of Rome.

Together with Ashok Gangadean, Co-Chair The World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality, Professor of Philosophy, Haverford College, Trinidad, USA, he has established the World Wisdom Council (WWC), dedicated to create awareness of major global issues and thinking, which includes outstanding personalities of academic and spiritual background like Masami and Hiroo Sajonji, belonging to the founder family of the Japanese Mitsubishi Group and also being the founders of the distinguished “Goi Peace Foundation”, Jane Goodal, Professor for Biology and recipient of the Gandhi-King Peace Award, Hazel Henderson, professor for Economics, USA, Audrey Kitagawa, Advisor to the World Federation of United Nations Associations, and Rav Michael Laitman, Kabbalist, Founder and President of Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education and Research Institute, Israel.

The Club of Budapest :

Founded in 1993 by Dr. Ervin Laszlo, the Club of Budapest is dedicated to creating a sustainable world through promoting global consciousness, interconnecting generations and cultures, integrating science, the arts, and spirituality, and fostering learning communities worldwide.