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Shlomo Hasson

Shlomo Hasson is a Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he teaches at the Geography Department, the Center for Conflicts Settlement and the Institute of Urban and Regional Studies. He is the deputy director of the Floersheimer Institute for Policy Studies, a senior researcher at the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Studies, and has served on the New Israel Fund Board of Directors. He is also Visiting Professor at the Stanford Center on Conflict and Negotiation. Professor Hasson‘s fields of interest are divided cities, the geopolitical conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, the conflict between Jews and Arabs in Israel, cultural conflicts between ultra-orthodox and secular Jews, sustainable development and urban planning. His most recent studies include: Geopolitical Solutions to the Jerusalem Problem (2000), Divided Regions: A Comparative Perspective (with Moshe Hirsh and Alexander Wiengrod) (2000), The Struggle for Hegemony in Jerusalem: Secular and Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Urban Politics (2001), State, Religion and Society in Israel: Possible Futures (2002), How to Make an Impact: Researchers and Policy Makers (With Abraham Friedman) (2003), Sustainable Jerusalem (with Maya Choshen and Israel Kimchi) (2003), Jerusalem Between Separation and Integration (2003), and Social Sustainability in Israel (2003).

He is the co-editor of the books: Sustainable Jerusalem (2004), Jews and Arabs Facing a Changing Reality (2004), Barriers to Equality: Arabs in Israel (2006), and editor of the book The Future of Jerusalem: The Challenge of Transition, published in 2007. This book presents the complex reality of Jerusalem as a divided city analyzed by six contributors. Shlomo Hasson examines the territorial, social, economic, and political developments in Jerusalem and explores how they may affect possible solutions to the problem of Jerusalem . Shlomo Hasson and Rami Nasrallah explore the different possible futures that may be played out in the city due to the impact of local, national, and international developments. Rassem Khamaisi proposes the alleviation of the Palestinian plight through the realization of the right to the city. Amiram Gonen explores new ways of strengthening Jerusalem by creating new contacts between Israelis and Palestinians.
Noam Shoval examines the morphology of the city and the impact of the security barrier on everyday life. Ifat Maoz presents survey data on public opinion regarding different
solutions to the problem of Jerusalem .