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2 Mi Ani? - Who Am I? - A Cabbalistic approach towards Divine Life and Self-Realization

The greatest treasure we have is our human birth and life, but hardly anyone is really satisfied with it or using it in an appropriate and satisfying way.

Everyone is seeking peace, contentment and happiness, but most seek it in places and ways, where it cannot be found. We seek in sense pleasures, worldly success, in social relations or professional achievements. Whether we succeed or not, our happiness - if at all attained - is tainted and covered by all kinds of pain, disappointments and trouble.

Usually the state of our mind is permanently changing its mood, emotion and functional condition, oscillating between agitation and deprivation, excitement and dissatisfaction, all of whose cause and origin is not understood and in most cases projected onto the changes in the outer circumstances of this world. Under this condition our life will neither be a bubbling source of joy, meaning and inner growth for ourselves, nor will it be a blessing for others. What we really need is a much better self-understanding. First and foremost we need to achieve transparent access to the transcendental source of life itself; only then we can find genuine fulfillment flooding us with unconditional inner joy and happiness.         

That is why all great masters of East and West - knowing human nature at its very best - have taught us the necessity of self-discovery and meditation as an indispensable requirement for the attainment of the true goal of life. 

As for our inner progress and attainment of higher dimensions there are no other limits than those we create ourselves. We ourselves are the fabric of our emotions, the creator of our happiness and the smith of our own destiny. It is we who create our own hell or heaven inside.  

As stated above, there is a tremendous potential within, deep down at the root of our soul; it is a potential of bubbling bliss and energy, of joy unending, creative inspiration, enthusiasm and love, a treasure house of shining jewels of dormant abilities and gifts lying unused at the bottom of our being which need to be awakened and brought into our awareness. But in order to do so, we need to remove and shake off the obstacles, which cover these inner riches and prevent us a natural access and sound use of them -, obstacles caused by ignorance, lack of self-awareness and knowledge, false identification and disorientation. The removal of all these hindrances and laying free the source within will not only transform and enrich our own personal life, but also our relationships, our outlook and perspective on life in its entirety.

We need to study the nature of our minds, its roots and powers, the ways of its operation, but also its tricks to delude and misguide us if we loose our control over it. Tradition states that the mind is the cause of bondage as well as of liberation. By understanding its laws and functioning, it will enable us to discover its tremendous power which, if used intelligently and properly, will change our inner conditions of bondage and set free all those hidden spiritual, mental, psychological and emotional gifts and treasures. Transforming our scattered mind into a laser-like beam or instrument it allows us to penetrate and over-come all obstacles created by wrong attitudes, habits and attachments.

Then we are no longer helpless victims of the powers of destiny, but lord and ruler over them. We are not failures, but born for victory. We are meant to conquer life and attain everlasting happiness. Therefore gain insight and look through the shallow and flat shadows presented in this world as truth and reality. Discover the inner light and go beyond. This is the path of joy, happiness and success.

The Sefirotic Tree as universal tool towards Self-realization

It is the ancient lore of Kabbalah, which teaches us to understand the dynamics of our soul as well as the operation of our mind, and how by connecting to G-d we can attain the peak and summit of a valuable life, inner joy and human dignity. In our work, the cabbalistic Tree of Life will not only be used as an image of the subtle architecture of our human nature, but also as a road-map on our inner journey towards G-d and Self-realization.

This is in few words the basic level of the work.

In fact, it covers all issues of the rest of our projects as there are: trauma treatment, psychological healing, reconciliation, self-inquiry, attainment of inner peace, conflict resolution, authentic handling of conflicts, value-awareness, the development of our inborn human potentials together with a sense of unity and cooperation. Since man is a whole, undivided being, his realization includes and covers all aspects of his human nature as well as a comprehensive perception and ability to handling all kinds of human needs and issues, according to the proverb “Nothing human is alien to me”. In this way this branch of our Academy constitutes the spiritual heart of its entire concept and the very backbone of its fellowship and work. 

This is Level 1: Self-discouvery and Study of the Human Nature in the mirror of the Sefirotic Tree;

To go beyond, we offer on-going courses on two higher "levels":

Level 2: The work of inner transformation and unification (T'shuvah ve-ge'ulah) according to Cabbalistic Tradition;

Level 3: Prophetic Kabbalah: Divine Revelation and Prophecy; Merkavah, the Inheritage of Shem and G-d's Covenant with Israel;  

Ruach Chadashah / Ma’ayan Ha-Or

Besides relying to Kabbalah, Jewish-Christian mystics and Sufism, we also deal with branches of Eastern Tradition as Yoga, Vedanta and Kashmir Shaivism. All of this work is promoted by our teacher, Heinrich Eliyahu Benedikt, who is guiding aspiring souls towards their lofty destination. Out of his work and teaching has grown an international spiritual community with centers in Europe and India dedicated to spiritual life, study, practicing yogic routines of self-discovery, meditation and character building, as well as doing unconditional service to God and mankind. Besides having established centers in Europe and India we are holding seminars in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Since we are not interested in just another “spiritual event”, but a rather intense and consequent inner work, we have designed our program as an ongoing offer of retreats and Satsangs with the purpose to initiate, maintain, accompany and guide an inner process of self-discovery (Vichar), transformation and Self-realization. We suggest a seeker to attend at least two to three weekend retreats per year and if possible some weekly meditation-group with other participants in his area.

As we want to build up a firm inner foundation of true and practical understanding and spiritual approach towards our daily lives there is the need of regularity in your own practice (Sadhana). Such regular routine will create an inner basis of self-trust, detached love and luminous wakefulness, enriching our lives with a much more vivid experience, attentiveness and intensity in our day-to-day activities.

As a consequence our programs are based on three pillars. They are: 1) different forms of chanting, (guided) prayer and meditation, 2) inspired talks and lectures on different spiritual themes and issues and 3) personal sharing of inner experiences and guidance in specific questions concerning the variegated inner and outer aspects of life.

Depending on our own receptivity we will sooner or later experience an inner awakening of our dormant spiritual energy (called Shaktipat in Eastern tradition) initiated by the touch of the Divine (Anugraha), thus starting a spontaneous process of inner purification and transformation in order to lead us to the summit of our human existence, which is G-d-realization.

Two proverbs might nourish your fire of aspiration as well as guide your understanding on your path:

- This, o Lord, is what I pray to Thee, to bestow on me:

   A heart as pure as crystal,

   A mind as luminous as the sun,

   A soul as vast as the universe and

   A spirit as powerful as Thine and in eternal unity with Thee.

And this is the rule of progress and attainment for all seekers:

   Sow a thought and harvest an action,

   Sow an action and harvest an attitude,

   Sow an attitude and harvest a character,

   Sow a character and harvest a destiny.

So it is!