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Short Description of the Different Projects: sheltered under the umbrella of Jerusalem Academy (JAEP)

JAEP shall be established as a central Research, Educational and Conference Center in the area (city, suburb or surrounding) of Jerusalem. It is meant to shelter eight kinds of work and study:

1) Educational Projects as Research in Psychological Pedagogy, Curriculum Development, Teachers Trainings, Living Values®, Non-Violent-Communication®, Character Counts®, Human Dynamics®, Lots®, Right, Respect and Responsibility®, Joint Children Programs for Israeli Jews, Palestinians and Druses, as well as enhancing Creative Thinking, Social Integration, Professional Ability and Curriculum Development for the Israeli as well as  the Palestinian School System in its entirety (in cooperation with the Ministry of Education plus several acknowledged associations fostering similar goals in Israel and Palestine as well),

As has been envisioned throughout all times “Education is the most effective weapon, which you can use to change the world.” (Nelson Mandela); Adhering to this vision we incorporate the best of Montessori, Anthroposophy, John Dewey, Tagore educational approaches as well as modern discoveries in brain research and Humanistic Psychology. Taking into account the powerful impact of the media on public opinion and consciousness, we are also planning to intentionally using media in order to provide higher levels of understanding and re-education of our entire society. As already established in other countries, we consider creating a private Internet and/or television channel to broadcast lectures, talks and other kinds of educational programs of general interest, national as well as universal human concern.   

2) Seminars for Personal Development (for adults), character building, enhancement of professional and personal innovative creativity, social relation and Self-Realization (based on the Jewish Spiritual Heritage (as Kabbalah, Hitbodedut, Mussar and Chassiduth as well as on elements of Transpersonal Psychology and Eastern Philosophy (Zen, Vipassana, Integral Yoga));

3) As finally most generally realized in society, at least since the recent visit of the Dalai Lama to Israel and the Seville meeting of 150 Imams and Rabbis in quest for mutual understanding and reconciliation of their traditions, it is widely recognized, that in order to create conditions for welfare and peace in this world, we cannot avoid to get to the quest for the true roots of World Religions. Originally given to us as guidelines and blessings for human life, we have perverted them to become serious threats and even curses to the survival of the human race. This kind of misuse of divine powers on the basis of ill-motivated interpretations of sacred revelations for the sake of personal or collective power and predominance in the world can only be stopped ad overcome by profound understanding and radiant example of a new generation of spiritual teachers. For this reason we have designed the Course for Comparative Inter-Religious and inter-cultural Under-standing of the three Abrahamic Religions. These studies are based on methodical reduction to their common spiritual grounds as there are Divine Revelation, Universal Spiritual Principles, Meditation and Self-Discovery (including the universal and practical approach of the Eastern Masters and Philosophy); more than that we are about to empower religious leaders by building an International Parliament of World Religions in the likeness of the early UN as for preventing and avoiding and all kinds of private as well as institutional terror and suppression in the name of religion. 

4) Intense programs enhancing to bridge the gap between religious and secular (non-religious) Jews on the basis of reinforcing and reestablishing a sound sense of Jewish identity on the ground of universal values, Jewish spirituality and self-understanding by means of guided encounters, panel discussions, lectures and seminars on personal integration (under the guidance and leadership of competent universal minded Leaders of Judaism (Council of independent Rabbis, Psychologists and Teachers (see: Council))); Some of our associate partners are the revered Rabbis Nathan Lopes Cardozo, Shlomo Riskin, Adin Steinsaltz and Yisroel Eichler.

5) Programs for Reconciliation between Jews and Arabs in Israel and abroad like TRT work®, personal encounters, joint intensive seminars, panel discussions and lectures by pioneers of peace work and reconciliation from all backgrounds, organizing national and international peace summits based on mutual respect and inter-religious understanding; guiding institutions might be PRIME, PASSIA etc.; Some of the partners have gained international reputation. One of them is Prof. Dan Bar-On from BGU in Beer Sheba, who also was an advisor to Nelson Mandela’s Truth Commission in South Africa.  

6) Academic Studies and Research in Human Resources and social development in the Middle East, e. g. development of new and more effective tools for personal and social transformation, conflict resolution, peace-building and international diplomacy.

7) Entrepreneurship and Management for Joint Jewish/Arab Venture and Social Integration, a residential course program masterminded by Stef Wertheimer, an engaged Israeli industrial, specifically for a mixed student body of Arab and Jewish post-graduate participants to enhance and foster joint Jewish / Arab cooperation in Business and industry. Headed by professor Seev Hirsch of the Recanati Business School, Tel Aviv University, the course is being offered by LAHAV, the executive training division of the School, in cooperation with Zur / Lavon, the academic arm of Industrial Parks Ltd. and CJAED, the Center for Jewish and Arab Economic Development. Over two hundred persons completed the course, which, has been offered seven times by the spring of 2006.

8) Development, Negotiation and Practical Application of relevant models for conflict resolution, International Diplomacy, Peace making and Peace Policy as well as for projects fostering social integration, industrial development and cultural creativity in Israel and the Middle East. Associate Partners are Dr. Gershon Baskin and Hanna Siniora, co-chairs of IPCRI (Israel/Palestinian Center for Research and Information), Pia Gyger from Lassalle-Institute, Switzerland and Ambassador John McDonald, director of Multi-Track-Diplomacy in Washington. In these matters Mahatma Gandhi’s words still hold: “Nonviolence is the weapon of the strong.” Some time we have to quite the outdated game of revenge and violence and adapt to cosmic moral law of superiority of mind. Only by returning to the source of life, which is the Living G-d, we will be able to root out our destructive ways of thinking thus becoming a light and model for World Peace. “The choice is either nonviolence or nonexistence” (Martin Luther King Jr.)    

Besides these mayor projects, the facilities of Jerusalem Academy may of course also shelter all kinds of cultural activities, rehearsals and performances in theatre, folklore, art, dance and music for children and adults alike. As mentioned above in due time we will also have to establish our own instruments for publication, media and public relations.

The different programs as well as the institution in its entirety is to be run by a small residential spiritual community dedicated to the goals of this constitution with the assistance and authoritative leadership of the associate partners of the different councils and professionals from our advisory board. Employees from outside shall help in the practical functioning of the administration, maintenance of facilities and running of programs. The legal form of the institution is that of a non-profit association (Amuta).

The presently already well established associations and personalities running different effective projects are “Education for Life”®, “Living Values”®, Personal Development, Council of Jewish Leaders, TRT®, PRIME®, PASSIA®, ASME®, Middle East Studies, Middleway® and “Jerusalem Academy”.