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We are a group of concerned differently qualified Israelis and Palestinians gathered together by the engaged initiative of Heinrich Eliyahu Benedikt, Ph.D. (See: Founder), committed to each other in the profoundly shared interest, to employ and implement our human potentials and professional qualifications, in all kinds of methodically structured projects to consolidate, reconcile, integrate and uplift our fragmented Israeli/Palestinian society and nation. We embrace and utilize psychological, pedagogical, spiritual, economic, diplomatic and political skills, tools and instruments as well as our responsibilities in leadership with full dedication and emphasis to serve for the realization of our set aims and goals.

Feeling and seeing that Israel and Palestine (in their role and connectedness with the rest of the world) are presently facing the most crucial situation in their history and standing at a crossroad, we are dedicated to do everything that is in reach of our human power, to strive and work for peace, welfare and well-being of each and everyone in this country and our nation in its entirety. In this endeavor we invite and address every mindful citizen - no matter if Israeli or Palestinian, Jewish, Arab or Druse, religious or non-religious  - to participate and contribute to our work in whatever is possible for him or her and seems due to him. May God strengthen and bless us!